Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Baptism

We christened our Lily this past weekend in Indiana. She was so good during the entire hour long service. She didn't cry or squirm or anything even when they put her in the water and poured water over her head. Her godfather held her during the service and she listened the everything the Priest was saying and listened to all the singing. At the end the Priest even said that he wished all babies were as good as she was during the christening. She made her Mama and Tata so proud! It meant a lot to me that she was baptized in the same church as B. Her christening gown was absolutely beautiful. Her godfather bought it for her and it came with a little cape and matching bonnet. I'll take a photo this weekend and upload it. After the service we went back to my in-laws where my MIL and her friends had prepared an absolutely amazing feast. We ordered an entire lamb that was freshly cooked on a spit in the morning before the baptism and brought to the house. My MIL made chicken, pita, salads, mastacholi, fish and two different cakes. I made petit fours a few weeks ago and froze them and served them at the reception. It felt good to make a small contribution. Both my mom and dad were able to make it all the way there from Minnesota. Which is saying a lot since they are both handicapped (dad from polio, mom with MS). My dad even made it down the stairs into their basement for the lunch. I was totally surprised but he made it. The weather was even perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better day for my daughter's baptism.

Now we're back home and life is returning to normal after two weeks of being off of our normal schedules with my in-laws here and then us going there for the baptism. Lily's sleeping is sort of hit or miss these days. Unless of course I bring her to bed with us and then she sleeps until we wake up. I know it's a bad habit but I love it when she sleeps with us. I put her in her crib around 7:30, then she sleeps until 4 or 5 and then I bring her in for the last hour or two. That's not too bad right? At least she's not sleeping with us the entire night (at least that's how I rationalize it).

Okay back to work....

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Heather said...

Congratulations! I bet she looked fab! You must post pics!