Friday, October 24, 2008

Letting myself go

Let's see it's been almost 2 months since I've written. I'm not sure if I even have any readers left but this blog is suppose to be for me anyway right? Well after we went on vacation to Canada over labor day things were pretty rough after we returned home. Lily's schedule was completely off. She would wake up at 4 or 5 everyday and wanted to start her day at that time. Then, she got sick right after we got home too and that threw things off even more. I guess we should consider ourselves lucky that we made it almost 8 months without her being sick. But sick babies are no fun. I felt so helpless because she was so stuffy and at night she kept waking up and couldn't breath. It just broke my heart. Then, of course I got sick right after that. Which really sucked. There was no laying in bed all day watching TV as I did before I had a child. Oh no, my life was just as hectic as always except I was miserably sick. The month of September was just difficult. I think I was exhausted the entire month. But October has definitely been better. In fact, today Lily and I slept until 9 am. It was amazing. Also, in August I had joined weight watchers. I was so committed and excited about my weight loss. I had lost 7 lbs within 2 weeks right before we left on vacation. While we were in Canada I went off my diet and I'm so sad to report that I've not only gained all 7lbs back but another 3. It is so depressing. Lily is coming up on a year and I wanted to at least lost all of my baby weight before her first birthday. I still have two months so all is not lost. But I need to find the ambition. I just feel like I've let myself go physically. I've gotten into this pattern of eating unhealthy and way too much and I just keep doing it. I know it started in September when I was so tired every single day and food just seemed to be the only thing that made me feel good. It wasn't a good pattern and I know I need to break it. I need to start excercising again and getting healthy. But at the end of a long day it's hard to motivate myself to get off the couch. But I need to.

Let's talk about something else. My lovely Lily. She is crawling all over, walking on furniture and saying Mamamamama. Her temper have definitely appeared. When she wants something she means business. For Halloween she's going to be a pink french poodle. Tomorrow we are going to Anoka (the halloween capital of the world for those of you that don't know) for a parade. B and I are going to do the 1mile walk with Lily in the stroller. Then off to my good friend Sarah's house for dinner. I've managed to started feeding Lily the little puffy cheerio things and she's starting to figure out how to put those in her mouth. I bought her some little cookies and she's snacking on those a little. She also eats bits of banana now. She loves to pull her hair, my hair and anyone's hair. She just started clapping her hands together just this week (at 9.5 months). She sings all the time. She loves my laptop and wants to pound on the keys everytime I bring it out. I usually let her but she's managed to lock it up on a few occassions. She's my darling little angel and I couldn't love anything more. But I do need to put a little focus back on myself and get myself back in shape. Monday I'll get started.

Only 1.5 more weeks before election day. I can't wait for Obama to be our next president. Obama. Obama. Obama!!!!!

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nikole said...

You are doing great - one day at a time.

I am so excited about Obama too!