Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Testing 1-2-3 is this thing on?

Every time I get back into blogging I need to redecorate my house - well my blog house. Like it? Blogger has so many designs to choose from. Back when I started blogging there were like 3 templates. Now there are hundreds. Whenever I'm given too many options, I get numb and overwhelmed and confused. I think this template that I've chosen is simple enough to convey what this blog is about. Essentially it's about me writing about my life in the suburbs with my family. Exciting huh?

As of today here is what's happening in my world:

* About to turn 40 in less than 60 days. Scheduling a panic attack for May 1st. Stay tuned.
* Trying to add to our family. It's not going that well.
* Husband unemployed for over a year. Good times.
* 3 year old daughter is highlight of every day. XOXO.
* I love to cook and have a new cooking blog so check that out if you're bored with this one. I'm all about variety over here.

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Heather said...

Hang in there. I turned 40 on March 16th and so far it's not so bad. Good luck on the family expanding project. I know how tough that can be.