Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

This week was sort of a scramble and I was a little disappointed that I didn't get more Eastery things done - like buy an Easter Lily or put up little Easter decorations. I really don't have those little Easter figurines and haven't made a huge effort to buy them, mainly because I lack display space. Plus, we were out of town all last week in Chicago and didn't get home until Friday.

I did manager to dye eggs, wrap presents, prepare 3 baskets (one for my Lily, one for my god-daughter and one for my brother's/girlfriend's daughter. For Easter this year we really jazzed things up and went Italian. We decided to go to Buca instead of the typical brunch place - which was a big issue for my family whose use to ham. Trust me, the complaints are still coming in. My mom ended the meal by saying "I forgot it's Easter with all this Italian food". But we enjoyed ourselves anyway and my brother and his girlfriend liked the food too so we weren't the only ones.
The morning started with an Easter egg hunt and a hunt for Lily's Easter basket. She left the Easter bunny two cookies, a carrot and orange juice as a snack. Yesterday, we also went to an Easter egg hunt outside where we actually met the Easter bunny. Very exciting! The Easter brought Lily a yellow pail with her name on it, a spongebob umbrella, a few crafts, a Tangled/Rupunzle doll and more chocolate and candy that my little 31lb flower will ever be able to eat. After the egg hunt - we got ready and went to church for a lovely service. Lily was so well behaved even though it got a little long. Then we headed to Buca. My mom bought Lily and Echo each their own little mailbox with their names on it filled with candy. They chased each other around the tables and had so much fun together. Makes me wish she had a sister or a brother. She did ask me last week if we could buy a baby, a real baby - she made the distinction. Then my brother and his girlfriend and Echo came over for girls to play and we had some cake. My mom bought a bunny cake for all of us to enjoy. They stayed until about 7.

It was a great Easter. I'm so thankful for my family and my beautiful daughter!

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Heather said...

You look fab! I for one, would never complain about Italian food for any event. We did an after Christmas party for the family at our house and had an Italian theme too. We got complaints afterward too, but only from the people that we thought their opinion didn't count!!! LOL!