Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm doing the best I can DAMN IT!

My in-laws have been in town all week and then there was Father's Day yadayadayada. So I'm behind in my NabloPoMo posting. I'm working on it. I'll try to be better. I'm a week behind already. Crap.

I did manage to go to Bikram yoga this week. That is the yoga that is 105 degrees and you are in the room for 90 minutes doing various poses. I also went for a run yesterday. I'm sure I won't lose the weight that I had planned on losing before Lily's baptism next Saturday but even if I can lose one or two pounds I'll feel better. I had it in my head that I wanted to lose all of my baby weight by her baptism. She'll be six months old next Saturday too so that seemed like a perfectly respectable goal. We'll I'm about 7lbs short of that goal. I know I should just go hard core South Beach for the week and then I know I could lose at least 4-5 lbs but my motivation is fading. And after a week of my MIL belittling me and my mothering skills I don't think I'm up to the task.

Baby notes:
- She starts to make this little "haahaaa" cough sound when you're not paying attention to her.
- I started her on sweet potatoes and squash this week. My MIL fed it to her so I didn't actually get to see her reaction but it sounded like she really loved it. My little social butterfly loves attention and she's getting plenty of it with the in-laws here and then B and I fighting over her when we get home from work.
- B put together this little exersaucer toy for her where she can sit in it and spin around and look at the various little toys and she gets so super excited when we put her in it. She makes all kinds of noises and smiles.
- Last night she was pretty fussy in her crib so about 4:00 a.m. I brought her to bed with us and as soon as I put her down she was sound asleep and she didn't move or make a peep until 7:30. I woke up and she was staring at me, quietly. It was a perfect way to start my day.

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Heather said...

I think it sounds like you're doing great! Don't beat yourself up. And I'm sure it's nice to have the in-laws around, but don't let your MIL make you feel like you aren't mothering right. Every mother is different, and no one does it perfectly. Listen to flylady ( She thinks the work "perfect" should be removed from the dictionary and I'm there with her.

And wow! It must have been amazing to wake up with the baby looking at you. How sweet!