Monday, June 23, 2008


The is a scam. I asked the woman at Williams Sonoma if the was polycarbonate or BPA free and she said specifically that they contacted the company and it is free of "all the bad toxins found in plastic". This is NOT true. It is polycarb and contains BPA plus you are heating the plastic which is worse because the toxins from the plastic leach into the food through the heating process. Anyway, I returned it and got my money back and gave them a piece of my mind. I'm just going to use my blender.

Also, I think Lily may have pink eye from her JW Tum.bles class. We have an appt at 3:30. I'm hoping she doesn't but I'll keep you posted.


Stephanie said...

too bad about the beaba, it sounded like a fun gadget!

Heather said...

Hope the baby doesn't have pink eye.

It's a shame about the baby food maker, but I agree a blender works just as good.