Saturday, February 9, 2008

Little Lil'

She turned 6 weeks old yesterday and already she's changed so much. She's starting to recognize me now and when I kiss her neck and face she starts to laugh. Not a big belly laugh but she opens her mouth big and wide like she wants to but nothing comes out just yet. She's starting to sleep for longer stretches. Last night she went 5 hours in a row which is a big milestone for her. I wish that translated into me getting more sleep but it hasn't yet. I still wake up just a few minutes before she does. No matter where she is in the house and even if I'm not within ear shot I still wake up just before she does. I guess we're still in sync. She hates it when her feet get caught in her onesie so I went and bought her some more outfits today that don't have feet in them. It seems like she likes these better. She definitely still dislikes her baths and is not too found of diaper or clothes changes. She is making progess with the diaper change and doesn't cry every time we change her but almost. She sleeps so still sometimes that I still have to check to make sure she's breathing. I know she's tired when she stares off into space for a few minutes. Then sometimes after she finally closes her little eyes she'll laugh. It is the sweetest little sound I've ever heard. My mother in law says that she thinks that's when they talk to the angels. I like that idea alot. Maybe my grandma is tickling her nose and that's what makes her laugh. Me and B have a zillion little nicknames for her. Here are a few:
1. Matso (serbian for little one)
2. Baybo (serbian for baby)
3. Angel pie
4. Liljo
5. LD
6. Lil' Jana (her given name is Liljana so Lil' Jana is her rapper name)

She loves her bouncy chair although I feel guilty if she sits in for too long. She also loves being swaddled in her moby wrap. Falling asleep on her dad's chest is also one of her favorite things. She has the most wonderful baby smell (even when she hasn't had a bath in over a week). I kiss her cheeks constantly. They are getting so nice and chubby. Her little leggies are fattening up too. I can't wait until she's full of little fat rolls. She has a love hate relationship with her nuk. She constantly wants it and spits it out at the same time.

I think she's awake now. More later.


Ann said...

What a sweet post. She sounds just wonderful. Baby laughter is one of my all time favorite sounds.

We've got a thousand nicknames for Zoe, too, and it's kind of funny to see how they change through time.

How do you pronounce Liljana? Is the j pronounced like a y?

Keeping The Faith said...

Hey Kate...

Keep the updates coming. I enjoy checking up on you and hearing about everything. Liljana sounds like she's doing just great. Hopefully the nights will only continue to get better and better. I know how much us "Moms" need our sleep. and...How about a photo update :-)